Monday, July 14, 2008


This morning marks my first week off the booze. If you were in the room you might hear an audible exhale similar to what you may hear when a teacher calls times up on a test.
Last night I would have murdered a beer. The craving was stronger than ever. After a long day it would have been just the right tonic. What type of task have I set myself I thought? Can I go back on it now? Can I just delete the blog, pretend it never existed?
I went to the local bar Thomas Reads where I met a crazy Canadian singer song writer with a big love for Bono and 'the band'. 
For the first time I had a non alcoholic beer. In this case it was a Becks. Its alright, tastes quite similar. But as you know the truth when your drinking it - i.e. there's no alcohol in it - you feel quite the fool. It's pointless. Why not at least drink something that tastes good? Water perhaps?
We stayed around for a bit before heading over to the Globe on Georges Street. A cool bar for cool people.
Amongst others, my friend Timothy was there with his new lady friend. The large group were sat around a huge table. There was no seating space for us. So instead myself, Canadian guy, and my flatmate Falicitas stood a bit outside the arena of chat. We were spare tires. To help kill the awkward airspace between the three of us I decided another drink was needed. Non alcoholic Erdinger this time. 
When you are outside the conversational loop its always awkward. But when your drinking at least you have some where to hide. When your not drinking however, there is no where to hide. You just stand and realise, your on your own. For risk of banging my head against the wall, it was time to get chatty. And in my unfortunate case, that meant naturally chatty. 
It was time to bust out the Bono stories. Always a reliable starting from zero conversational point. You see in Dublin, its claimed everybody has a Bono story. I told Canadian guy how I once met Bono having a pint in his local while watching a Rugby match one. He was very impressed. He told me how he had went to U2s studio in Dublin just the day prior and knocked on the door hoping they would answer. People are mad! But some are lucky!
30 minutes later, it was time for me to go home. I could have stayed out for a further jaunt up Georges Street, but I had had enough. 
I left everyone and walked home. I called my girlfriend and told her I was drunk on 2 non-alcoholic beers. She told me she hopes I quit my crusade next week. She is terrified about me being judgmental on her going forward. I again attempted to put her mind at ease on that matter.
One thing I realised last night was how this really is a big deal for people. You tell someone you've quit drinking, and they are stunned. Especially if you are a non alcoholic. 
My question is, is alcohol really an essential part of life? I know humans have been drinking for hundreds of years. I know we use it to celebrate all the key events in our lives. Does that mean alcohol is an essential? Is it a given? Did God put alcohol on earth with the same intention he put water, earth, fire etc. Am I completely nuts? Is what I am trying to do, akin to somebody giving up food for instance?
I'm not sure I'll ever learn the answers to those questions, but for now one thing I can say is that I feel infinitely better than I did this time last week. Hangover free. And what's more, I'm writing unnaturally long blog entries.


♥Shann♥ said...

hmmm here in America non alcholic beer still has alcohol in it. And I am reading your blog with curiosity to see what you discover about yourself. If you truly do not want to drink for a year, might I suggest NOT going to a bar? old saying "when you sit in a barber shop long enough, you will get your hair cut" just a suggestion as a new blogger friend... hope your Monday continues to be great : )

PATRICK said...


Since the AA cult is the one that called for Wilson to have a "drug induced hallucination" & since it is alive & well in all 12 Step Programs today, that information seems a rather pertinent factor to weigh in if one is to look for a suspect as to who & what & how the Bible, which is the word of God can be replaced by a Big Book (12 Step) disease scenario attributed to Frank Buchman, Wilson, Smith, et al.

Is the triumph of today's 12 Step paradigms, which is certified by the World Health Organization - a clear confirmation that those ancient "brain dead" misfits Wilson & Smith were supernatural messengers of God? That's what Alcoholics Anonymous is saying.

Or is that triumph which is destroying the cornerstone of Bible credibility & hence Christianity a long laid "satanic" motivated strategy to replace Jesus of the New Testament with a higher power.

"How many 12 Step Programs are there? Hard to tell.... I suppose if you count all the smaller groups, there are a hundred or so."

A hundred "groups"! That's a lot & we haven't gotten to some of the other sects. Actually, these groups come from 20th century sects, who included the Oxford Group, Buchmanism & Alcoholics Anonymous. Of these, only AA survived & all 12 Step Programs are descended from it.