Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am sorry for my very short blog entries of late. Life has been quite strained and stressful and my inspiration to write has been minimal. But hopefully things have calmed down now a tiny bit and I can now concentrate on this blog a bit more.
Yesterday morning I departed for Germany, to begin a new phase of my life. I was to get a 6.40am flight so I was up much of the night prior packing my bags.
Dublin Airport at 5.40am was complete chaos. The place was packed. The ques were huge. I do hate Dublin Airport. The place is disorganised, badly layed out,scruffy and dirty. It´s a place where you can gaurentee no matter what time, to find people drinking as the bars are open 24/7.
I saw two couples going on holidays, and the two men where guzzling back beer like there was no tomorrow. At 5.40am! Is that really nessessary? I´ve always hated that type of carry on.
I should say at this point that I´m a bloody awful flyer. It´s really developed in the past couple of years. Pure fear that something is going to go wrong up there, and when it does its going to be...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I spend most of the flight sitting by the window looking out, willing the plane to stay level. Its all irrational I know, but again in recent flights I´d usually try quench the fear with a few glasses of white wine, or if really bad, a couple of stiff whiskeys. This time, I managed not to go for that option, but nevertheless I was paralysed with fear.
Thankfully I survived, and arrived in Hamburg in one piece. The weather in Germany is scorching. Hotter than hell is how I´d describe it.
My girlfriend likes the sun, and she likes to lap it up. I on the other hand can stand it for about 10 minutes before I begin to wither and die. She brought me to a very cool beach bar where people were drinking sexy mojitos and chilled icey beer.
Yes, yes, this would always be the true test of my ability to spend a year off the booze. How am I going to get by, living in another country, the home of beer, with mostly strangers and a party loving girlfriend?
This is where the story will really begin.

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