Thursday, July 10, 2008


I called my girlfriend yesterday, who lives in Germany at about 5.30PM. She was having a drink with a few friends at the launch of something cool.
I had planned to go to the gym after the phone call, but instead my mood sank just enough that I lost all motivation. If she's out having a drink, then I want to be out having a drink too! That was my dense attitude. If she's out being socialable and fun, then I want to be out being socialable and fun. It's a stupid response I know, but I'm pretty sure that has been a prevailing attitude that has led me to drink on most occasions since I started.
It doesn't just have to be my girlfriend out to make you feel left out. Simply put its tough to stay in when others are out. It's very tough. And there may good reason why you want to stay in. Maybe you need to do some work. Or maybe your too hungover from the night before. Maybe you just need the rest after a weeks work. 
But if your 25 in Dublin, people are out all the time, so the temptation is always there. You also never know what your going to miss. You usually miss nothing; but you still dare not risk it.
Anyway, I decided instead of going to the gym to do the exact opposite. So I went to the local fast food joint and got a quarter pounder, chips and a can of Coke. At 5.30PM! Thats the behavior of somebody straggling home at 5.30 in the morning, not 5.30 in the day time.
The quarter pounder was doused in garlic sauce. The chips were fried to a biscuit. And the Coke was so so good. It added to the can I already had in the fridge waiting for later.
If its not one addiction its another. There's no hope for humanity. We're all fucked.
I'm so over Mondays hangover at this stage. I can can definitly feel tough days ahead. I have been invited to a beach party tonight. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they have beach parties in Dublin apparently. Club Tropicana drinks are free and all that jazz.
I've got to get my head around this whole gig. 

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Mary Christine said...

If you are not an alcoholic, why are you quitting drinking? I think I would rather enjoy drinking if I could drink in moderation and therefore wasn't an alcoholic...