Monday, July 21, 2008


Two weeks off the booze. Again another pretty unhealthy weekend. I had McDonalds two days in a row. Two McChicken Sandwich meals. I never have McDonalds.
Along with that I'm still guzzling down Coke and sugary tea and coffee. And the result is that this morning I woke up with a horrible gritty feeling on my teeth and tongue, similar in a way to the feeling your mouth has when you wake up after a night of cigarettes and alcohol.
I can feel my teeth dissolving, and I'm getting a tooth ache, so this week I'm going to have to cut my new found sugar addiction.
Last night my business partner Pauly made a bet that I'd never get through this. She thinks I'll have caved by a couple of months. She put 20 quid on the table as a bet proving her confidence.
Thanks for the support Pauly!
Last night it was a friends birthday party but I didn't go. My energy was too low for it. Instead I stayed in and listened to a radio interview with famed Irish journalist Eamonn McCann. It was interesting to hear his upset at how much he has drank in his life. He seemed to think it was a waste of time.
Today myself and my business partners finally sign a deal for our business which is going to make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. After we sign we should be going for a very nice dinner together. That will be testing. It would be a deserved drink after two years of hard work. It would be a celebratory drink and reward for months of toil. And what's more it would be drink for comrades who stuck together during hard times, through thick and thin. Yadda yadda ya.
I must be strong! Be strong!

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