Thursday, July 24, 2008


Not much to report on, except of coarse for the fact that I am moving to Germany - arguably the home of beer - on Saturday. I'm just trying to get everything in order for the move. It should be interesting to see how it all works out.

Last night I went over to a friends, who has asked to be called The Juiceman. The Juiceman offered me a classic classic brand of whiskey to drink. I think it was Johnny Walker. The Juiceman decided to read the back label to further tempt me...

'Johnnie Walker Black Label has an enigmatic character. The first sip leaves you with an overwhelming curiosity to discover more. As Black Label's deep taste unfolds a myriad of flavours are revealed in several waves: first, there is an impression of silky richness; then deep and fruity foreground flavours give way to drier peaty nuances, followed by the complementary flavour tones of sweet vanilla and raisins'...yadda yadda ya. You get the idea.

It was tempting. But resist I must, and resist I did.

Instead I drank copious amounts of Coca Cola, and played a blinding set of races on Mario Kart. Which is interesting, because when I was last in The Juicemans place I was inept at the classic game. Not so now.

I'll have to put it down to the lack of alcohol in the system. Alcohol impairs driving after all:-) I showed The Juiceman.

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