Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday was a long miserable day infront of the computer in the sweltering German heat. Come 7 o'clock I was thoroughly despressed. I felt lethargic and lazy. My body felt lifeless. What would I do with my evening that didn't involve sitting infront of the TV or having a drink.?
Myself and my girlfriend had planned to go to the gym earlier in the day, but I wasn't feeling motivated now. 'We'll go tomorrow' I said, as my mood plummeted further.
But as the options ran out, and I really couldn't face watching anymore of my girlfriends favourite Scrubs, I plucked my energy up, and the gym it was.
The gym - which is known as a 'Fitness Studio' in German - was very impressive. Bright and colourful. Squash courts. Big shiny pasma screens. A open space bar and restaurant with outdoor sitting area. Oh, and so many good looking people. Beach blonde stunners for the men, and beefy studs for the women. Not that is was a take your pick, but these people really were the perfect examples of the human form.
It was 8.30PM, but the gym was packed. Not like my former gym on Dublins Clarendon Street where you'd only find a mild scattering of people that late in the day while the staff would constantly air nagging notices that the place was closing in 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes etc.
My girlfriend convinced me to do an aerobic boxing class which she usually does. No problem I thought.
There was about 40 of us in the large room. About 37 women and 3 men, including the instuctor who was a 6'3 German Mr Motivator. Thats the best way I can describe him.
Instantly he had the whole group dancing and boxing air at his request. All in German ofcoarse. I had no idea what was going on. Whats more, it was a farcical scene. I thought it was hillarious. A YouTube video classic I thought. They can't be serious can they?
But they were serious. Very serious. And I could't be seen to let down the Irish nation with my uncoordinated steps. I had to get with the programe.
Within moments I too was shouting 'EINS, ZWEI, EINS ZWEI, DREI'.
A hour later I have never been as swetty in my life. It was exactly what I needed.


Kara57 said... recently posted a comment on my blog regarding why I'm still going to AA after six years. Probably because I want to. I'm a recovering alcholic and to stay in recovery I need to work a program. I've read bits and pieces of your blog and I think it's great you have chosen to go a year without drinking for the reasons you've stated. More power to you. And as you was your choice, just as it's my choice to go to AA as often as I do.
I am not even going to begin to tell you why, how or what...because it would take way to long and until you have walked in my shoes, you wouldn't really understand.
One piece of advice. Learn to accept others for who and what they's too difficult and time consuming trying to figure everyone out and even more frustrating trying to change them.
If you really want to know why people still go to AA after years of sobriety...a suggestion...go to a few meetings at different places and listen...just listen. Don't judge, don't critize...just listen.

Let Go, Let God said...

endorphins, I love them. I think they are an alcoholics friend.