Monday, July 28, 2008


I may be a bit optimistic with this one, but here goes.

For the past few years I have been losing my hair. Nothing too major, but I have noticed it has been slowly creeping backwards. It´s been a pain in the neck.
I´ve examined the possibility of cures to help my anxiety, but it seems to me that nothing works.

That was until the past week, when I suddenly started feeling the opposite. My hair can´t be growing back, can it? Is it fuller? I don´t know whats going on.

Doing a quick check on Google, I find the following...

After heavy drinking, there are stress reactions that can precipitate hair loss. The more of these bouts of drinking, the greater the stress on your body. Drinking does impact the liver and the liver is a critical organ in managing hormones in your body’s metabolism.

And this...

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it causes accelerated dehydration. A lack of body fluid causes dry and brittle hair. Excessive alcohol consumption can deplete levels of iron in the body, leading to hair loss.

Could it be true? One can dream.


AlkySeltzer said...

Well--do we know each other?--if I'm remembering correctly, they told me alcohol was/is a LOT of things, and the thing which affected ME was "It is a drug, a depressant. As to hair loss--I remember losing my $30,000 violin one time, many, many wallets full of the usual "important" stuff, many, many wonderful girls, couple bikes, couple cars, and finally, almost lost my LIFE.

So, if ya wanna do what I did, ya might not make it back here. If my goal was staying sober for a year, I'd be thinking the WHOLE year about "again experiencing that ease and comfort which comes only with taking a few drinks". AND I'd probably also be also be considering my hair loss etc., which has absolutely NOTHING to do with staying SOBER!

But YOU, young man, need to be working the Twelve Steps or you're simply wasting good drinking time.
My opinion only.

Syd said...

Glad to have found you. I don't worry much about my hair--right now I have plenty of it. But it like all things will eventually go.

Kara said...

You will be surprised at just how much healthier you will be now that you have stopped drinking...thanks for the encouraging words on my blog...good luck

Let Go, Let God said...

"Its a program of ATTRACTION, not promotion" so I think it's great that one of the attractive things about not drinking is your hair. HAIRS to you, and everything else that is wonderful about sobriety!