Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last night I was at a birthday party here in Hamburg.

When you are at a party in a country where everybody speaks a different language and your not drinking it can make you feel even more awkward than usual as you stand with nothing to say. But what I realized yesterday is that what better opportunity to have an internal self dialogue on the words you have learned for the day. This is a good way to learn a new language.

So I stood amongst a group yesterday who were all yabbering on in German. I had no clue what was being spoken, but with that my eyes roamed the room and out the window, and like the kinder garden game of eye spy I said to myself...

Room - das zimmer
Glass - das glass
Building - das gebaude
Brush - der besen
Chocolate - die schokalade
Air - die luft
Sky - der himmel
Sun - die sonne
Tree - der baum
Easy - Einfach
Funny - Lustig

Impressive I'm sure you'll agree. Quit alcohol, and learn a new language out of utter boredom!

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ray said...

HA! Great idea man. I learned two languages, french and italian, by this method of internal dialogue.

I tried it in German, but falied miserably. I think it' sthe lack of natural music in the language.

Of course, I was very drunk at the time...