Friday, July 11, 2008


My flatmate is telling me that it is actually quite boring to be the perfect human being, after I had jokingly told her that tomorrow is the day I become just that.
The reason tomorrow I become the perfect human being, is because up until today and including today I have been pretty unhealthy with my diet. 
Dousing myself with Coca Cola is clearly not going to get me through the year. I feel quite miserable today for it.

I had my first comment yesterday! Hurrah I say. It went like this:

"If you are not an alcoholic, why are you quitting drinking? I think I would rather enjoy drinking if I could drink in moderation and therefore wasn't an alcoholic..."

I should probably answer this question in a bit more detail than I've previously explained.
I have wanted to try quit drinking for a long time now as I have come to notice the negative effects alcohol has on me. They are not over bearing affects, but for instance, the day after I drink I would say my productivity would drop perhaps 40%. 
I also feel generally miserable the day after I drink. I feel groggy, and lazy, and those two factors in themselves get me down.
I have noticed the negative affects alcohol has on a lot of people in my life including friends and family members. This has contributed to bring me to this point.
I would obviously be concerned about health effects brought about through associated smoking and junk food binges. And with heart disease in my family I do have to be a bit more aware than most.
I have always admired comedians and athletes who claim not to drink, but appear to get by with the same, if not more gusto for life than drinkers. How do they do that?
And finally, I remember a time in my life when I was pre 16 when drink wasn't a required tool to socialize. We all got on fine back then, but now there is a certain reliance on alcohol to get through the most menial of events.
And finally, I see my year as a challenge. A big bloody challenge. That in itself is exciting.

I have no doubt that some psycho analyst could reduce me based on this to some sort of tortured individual and they could be right! My little brother read the blog yesterday and told me I sounded nuts. But-what-cha-gonna-do?

Today is Friday. Sound the alert!


♥Shann♥ said...

well hey, why not try to not drink for a year, see what happens... nothing lost, except a year with out booze... I am curious to see how this goes for you. how do you feel today on day 5?

The Boozness said...

I feel fine actually. I think its been sometime since I spent five days off the stuff. I've been a bit like a hermit for the past few days though. So I need to get out!

The Boozeness

Mary Christine said...

I hate to be negative, but your plan sounds like torture to me - and I haven't had a drink in 2 weeks less than 24 years.

Good Luck though - and thanks for your answer. I will look forward to reading about your adventure!

AlkySeltzer said...

When I reached "the doors" it was for "Always and Forever" sponsor suggested I keep a daily log, as you are doing here. I'm SO glad for that, because once a year when I read those old pages, I'm taken right back in time, to those horrible sweaty, shaky, painful days of 34 years ago.
Gratefully, Steve E.

One year? Why not TWO! I mean, what is, IS..what was, WAS..and what ain't...well, it just AIN'T!