Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last night I did get out of the apartment and went to the Farm  organic restaurant on Dublins Dawson Street. I met with about 6 others. My friend Timothy (these aren't real names by the way), was drinking a non alcoholic Erdinger because he was driving to a gig afterwards. I nearly went for the same option, but instead plunged for the apple juice.
The rest of the table indulged in a couple of bottles of white wine, and a few Kir Royals which did look pretty sweet. I got on fine though. No bother. It was officially my first weekend night off the booze. 
We met at 6 for dinner and come 9 I didn't have much motivation to stay out. I'm positive if I had been drinking I would have stayed out long afterwards. 
I did notice for the first time how conversation became more loud and scattered as the time ticked by. I remember at one point our conversation verging rapidly from Steve Coogan, to fruit, to farting.
Apparently fruit makes you fart?! One at the table went into great detail about his fruity farts. I argued the truth of the statement, but a quick google on the subject does infact confirm that apples and fruit juices in particular do cause flatulence because of the fructose they contain. So I'm doomed. I've drank a lot of apple juice recently.
I was relieved that the bill arrived not long after!

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