Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yesterday at about 4 o' clock my first cravings for an after work beer hit in. It started deep down in my belly. A craving for that kick; that unknown quality that you can't get from a regular fizzy drink. The alcohol kick. I craved the alcohol kick.
I think it was also down to the fact that yesterday was very sunny. And in Ireland that is another good excuse to drink. There are plenty of nice bars in the city centre that have out door seating areas. My favorite being something like the Bailey. You can have a nice slow pint while watching the punters go by.
In the end, I went to a restaurant off Baggot Street with my friend Timothy. It was a bit pricey for the quality of the food. When I considered what to order for a drink I was genuinely considering asking for the non alcoholic beer. But I figured that would be a cop out.
My friend Mattaus has been off the drink for a short while - I don't expect it to be long term - and drinking non alcoholic beer. It just doesn't seem right.
So instead I order a 3.95 apple juice. Where are the apples coming from? Bloody hell. 3.95!
Nevermind, as they had no apple juice left. So instead I went for the easy option of Coca Cola. You can't beat the feeling. Very soon I'll need to start a blog called A Year Off The Coke. 
The Coke was served in the plastic bottle, with a warm glass. Lovely.
The table opposite us had a family of about 6 all sitting around. I watched as the waitress served up a nice chilled bottle of white wine. I watched as she poured slowly into each glass. It was like a surreal scene from a movie. People were laughing heartedly in slow motion. I was like one of those characters in Requiem for a Dream. I could even hear that music in my head.
They all lifted there glasses and clinked. 
Yes I wanted a beer. 
But I survived.

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