Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I broke the news to a couple of friends and my girlfriend about my new blogging antics yesterday. Yesterday being my first day without a drink under my new regime. 
My girlfriend lives in Germany where they love the beer. She had a degree of suspicion in her voice after I broke it to her. She worries I will become annoyingly preachy about the whole thing. I know she wouldn't stand for that. Few can stand my preachiness as is, so I'll have to be careful.
I am to move to Germany in a couple of weeks to be closer to her. With that in mind my girlfriend thinks this is probably not the best time to attempt such an audacious attempt. If anything its good reason to drink more.
Yesterday went by fine though. With the hangover I had, I had little desire to drink anyway. I was working late, and it was muted by my friend Timothy that we go for a couple of scoops. Instead we went to the movies. I haven't been in a while. We went to see The Mist which was brilliant. With that, I replaced my alcohol craving with an overdose of sugar provided by the good people at Coca Cola.
We both discussed how Coke is the best hangover cure. Have you ever noticed that? When you wake up with a dry mouth, and a dodgy stomach feeling, one gulp of Coke is like heaven. Well, maybe not heaven. But certainly very satisfying.
Maybe I should get Coke to sponsor this blog?

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