Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I´m sitting in a internet cafe near where I live in Hamburg. I´m amazed to see I have some comments on my recent blog entry. I was sure no one was reading.
I got an email from a friend in Dublin. ´Are you still off the drink?´ she asked.
Yes I am! But I feel over it now. My cravings have stopped. It´s no big deal. I could take it or leave it.
I think.
Last night I walked in on a couple of flat mates (man and women) who were drinking a bottle of Greek Ouzo from little shot glasses.
The room was candlelit and it was a kind of a sexy scene. I wasn´t aware they were ´courting´.
It reminded me a bit of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Minus the menace.
In this case the booze was only going to lead to one scenario for the twosome.
They offered me some Ouzo in my orange juice but I said I was alright and left.
I wonder would such an atmosphere be possible without the booze.
Somehow I can´t imagine being in such a potent situation with shots of tomato juice.
I´m frowning.


AlkySeltzer said...

SURE--people are reading your stuff. We--well, I, find it difficult to identify w someone who is 'not drinking' for ONE YEAR! I say to myself, "What's the point?"

So, in essence, I really have nothing to say of benefit to you, unless it benefits ME! Comprende?

Also, you wrote: "My cravings have stopped. It´s no big deal. I could take it or leave it.
I think.

Well, you see, if that is all true, then you are NOT an alcoholic, who by nature, is powerless over alcohol until he/she DIES. There is a wide chasm between you and us, if you are being honest.

When you decide you ARE one of us, let me know, and I'll be jumping in there to help you, OR ask you to help ME.

However, I'll keep on reading your stuff, because I suspect that NObody got on this blog list because they "ate too many baked beans!"

Your Friend,
Steve E.

Princess Powerless said...

You live in Germany?!? I'm so jealous. That's where my alcoholic career started.

You are absolutely right... many courtship rituals begin (and some last) through the consumption of alcohol.

I'm am more than blessed that my marriage has lasted almost 19 years, 3+ of which I've been sober. Our #1 hobby was drinking. Who knew he was keeping up with me?

Congratulations on day 33!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

it can!
it does!
trust me!

Timothy said...

I've found that coffee and desserts often have the same effect on the mood.