Sunday, August 10, 2008


I decided to stay in last night while my girlfriend went out on the town with her friends. I feel like I´ve been out alot since I´ve moved to Hamburg and my non alcohol charisma levels are depleted.
So with that I was asleep by about 2AM. I have just awoken now after an incredibly vivid dream.
In the dream, I was playing for Manchester United (I think), in the final of the Champions League, but come to think of it, it may have been the Olympics. I know that wouldn´t make sense but go with it.
We were losing 1-0 with five minutes to go. It was incredibly tense. But then we got a penalty to save the day.
I´m not sure if it was me or somebody else who took the penalty, but whoever it was blew it, as they blasted the ball over the bar.
With time running out, the next two minutes of the game were incredibly chaotic and I can´t remember much, but somehow the opposition goal keeper had the ball in his hands again. There was no one around all of a sudden except me and the other teams goal keeper. Instead of punting the ball up long he just chipped the ball up in the air. I couldn´t believe this golden opportunity. I concentrated the best I could, before volleying the ball in to the back of the net!!!!
But when I turned to celebrate the game was still chaotic with players disputing various decisions.
´Did anyone see that? I just scored!´
Just then the linesman put up his flag ruling out my goal.
´But it was perfectly fine.It was glorious.´ I protested.
I demanded a video replay to prove it was fine.
Now as you may or may not be aware, video replays are not used as way to make decisions in football, but in this situation, with so much at stake, I wasn´t taking no for an anwser. I wanted to see the video.
I had to go to the President of NBC himself to get him to show us the video. The President in this case was Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock.
It seems the TV station was only recording the game on old VHS tapes which lasted an hour. And they forgot to put in another tape after an hour, thus missing the last 30 minutes. So the wait really dragged on as they ran about more looking for other tapes.
Meanwhile I was discussing the situation with my team mates or members of the other team (I´m not sure), who were made up of sexy women. One was called Kelly and looked like a 1980s superstar. I was also chatting with Alec Baldwin about football viewing figures in the USA.
Finally after a long wait, they found some tapes. We had to go into a little room and fast forward through them. It took ages, and the controllers eventually fell asleep looking. As much as I tryed to keep them awake, I eventually woke up.
I have no idea what this all means, but the question is, what would I have rather done last night - gone out on a drinking binge, or taken part in a huge football final against a team of sexy women, scoring the crucial equaliser, that needed help by NBC President Alec Baldwin to be verified.
As some people in the USA may say...Go figure!
I hate when people say that.

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