Saturday, August 2, 2008


My god I was miserable yesterday. After a day of sitting in front of a computer the endless mind numbing string of emails had taken their tole. There has to be more to life?

I'll need to find new past times quickly, but again I found myself at the end of the day in a bar.

I had a Bionade, which I was reliably told is the hip cool drink of the moment.

Here's the low down. Bionade has a similar malty, tangy taste of beer but it is a health drink. Bionade is very low in sugar, but because gluconic acid shares a similar molecular structure to glucose, drinkers are fooled into tasting sweetness. And while soft drinks are often loaded with cheap, aggressive acids, Bionades is a product of natural micro-organisms at work. Bionade does have plenty of good stuff in it: calcium and magnesium, for instance. A litre of Bionade will supply half the daily requirements of these minerals. And so on and so forth...

It wasn't bad at all. Fruity with a bit of a kick. A nice alternative to my current threesome of Coke, Fanta and sparkling water.

So had an idea, why not get Bionade to sponsor this blog? Worth a shot. Here goes another email...

' Dear Mr. Bionade,

To introduce myself, I am a 25 year old award winning film maker, website creator and blogger from Ireland currently living in Germany.

I am very impressed with your product. I enjoyed my first bottle in a beach bar last night in Hamburg.

I've recently started a blog called A Year Off The Booze, where I tell the story of one non alcoholics quest to go a year without alcohol. This is easier said than done as you can imagine.

I'm at day 25, and up until now I've drank quite a lot of Coke, Fanta and other bad fizzy drinks.

I think Bionade would make a great replacement drink for those.

I wonder would Bionade consider sponsoring my blog? A Year Off The Booze in association with Bionade? Sounds good don't you think?

I hope to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

The Boozeness'

Sent. It will never work.

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Plot Tracer said...

Oh boy - I feel your pain. I attempted this (as you know) a few years back - made it albeit by 13 days... anyone wanting to find out why, go to my blog - which has been reignited - at

Stephen - I found your blog a couple of days back - when I was trying to refind mine lol! Keep it up - you may find other interests take over.

I found fizzy drinks started to give me heartburn - at least, the fizzy drinks with sugar in. I ended up just drinking fizzy water.

In another two years, I am going off booze forever - I think 44/45 is as long as anyone should drink.

Keep it up friend!