Monday, August 11, 2008


I managed to get to the gym again today. That´s two days in a row. It´s amazing how good you can feel straight after excercise. My problem is getting to the gym in the first place.
I put off going today until very late. I had to will myself into going.
I´ve alway felt like a lazy lethargic type of person. Whenever I want to do something purposeful, I need to build up alot of will power in order to do it.
One of the reasons I quit the booze is because it makes me feel extra lazy the day after. And as my daily work is generally in creative fields (I like to think), you need alot of self motivation to work well. But if your always tired, its hard to get much done.
I think I´ve been much less lethargic in the past month. But I haven´t used my spare time well enough. Instead of going out and doing something with my new energy, I´ve just watched TV or ate. Unfortunatly both these activities make you feel lazy too.
And a lazy body, leads easily to a lazy mind, which is the greatest obstical to overcome and what I´ve battled most against.
Battling against a lazy mind requires alot of will power.
So I need to try get out more.
Thats what I´m saying.
I need to get out and run!


AlkySeltzer said...

Sorry, I have not been to your 'log for awhile...but interesting it is. And certainly thought-provoking for me. In our Big Book, somewhere it says something like, "We have ceased fighting everyone and every thing.."

I read "battling" and "will power" and I have found--for me--it is best to just sort of "Let go and let God". Realizing this is another of AA's seemingly trite statements, it sure WORKS for me.

HE does my battling (fighting) now. HE sends me the power I need to "get to the gym"...ot whatever.

And before this turns into a book(!) I'll sign off, but WILL be back, next time you post. Thank you for being here. I got up and hour early this morning...don't know why. Maybe just to read your Blog, and comment. Maybe?
Steve E. in Naples, FL

AlkySeltzer said...

Forgot: Hey, some advice...keep reading "One Sober Alcoholic" (on your list!) Mary Christine is one gal who has "got it". Of course, just like all of us, she has to now "keep it", and she DOES!

Also while I'm still here, I'd sure like to know what ya think about--staying drink-free for one year? I would be thinking of the day AFTER that year, so I could drink again. It would be uppermost in my mind, maybe hidden from my consciousness. Now THAT would keep me "lethargic", etc., etc.

Again, hope you don't think I'm rude, writing like this.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

hello there. its a shame you don't think you're an alky, as there are some seriously lovely meetings in the dublin area. and all over the world for that matter..

each to their own, but I was a good few years younger than you when I decided I was 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'.
Plus I dont think ive met anyone, regardless of ? 'qualification', professional or otherwise, that really understood the disease of alcoholism as AA has come to grasp it. So don't be so sure that you REALLY know the difference between a heavy drinker and an alcoholic. It is quite a subtle and fine distinction. In my opinion anyway.
Good luck with the not drinking plan anyway. Judging by the 'hangover' entry, your liver will benefit, if nothing else.